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The Stillwell Law Firm has successfully represented employees in wrongful termination matters for over 25 years. If you believe that you have been terminated without cause, call Corona del Mar Employment Lawyer Geniene Stillwell at (949) 494-4744. Known for being both a persistent and experienced Employees’ Rights Lawyer, Ms. Stillwell stands up for her clients to make sure they receive just and fair compensation when treated unfairly by their employer.

When you think you have been unjustifiably terminated by your employer, contact the Law Offices of Corona del Mar Employment and Wrongful Termination Lawyer Geniene Stillwell immediately at (949) 494-4744.

At the Stillwell Law Firm, our knowledgeable lawyers will utilize their 25 years of experience in the practice of Employment Law when they review your case. They will inform you which path to take to ensure a successful outcome. If you fail to act in a timely fashion, you could wind up in a situation without financial recourse!

Wrongful Termination in California

In the State of California, many employee/employer relationships are regarded “at-will.” This means that employment can be terminated at any time by either party. However, employers may not fire an employee to get back at them for standing up for their rights, as a means of discrimination, or in breach of an employment contract.

California Law allows action to be brought forth for Wrongful Termination
when an employee is terminated for:

< Asserting One’s Legal Right
< Filing a Wage or Overtime Dispute
< Breach of an Employment Contract
< Refusing to Engage in Illegal Activity
< Filing a Complaint with Management
< Filing a Workers Compensation Claim
< Providing Testimony against your Employer
< Reporting Unlawful Company Policies or Practices
< Discrimination in Violation of State or Federal Law
< Participating in a State or Federal Investigation Regarding your Employer

The employer who terminated you could be held financially responsible to you if we can effectively demonstrate that you were unlawfully fired.

Contact an Experienced Wrongful Termination Lawyer in Corona del Mar

When you know you were fired without just cause, contact the Corona del Mar Law Firm of Geniene Stillwell. Typically, these cases tend to be difficult to prove and equally difficult to navigate. This is why you need the tenacity, along with the 25 years of experience in Employees’ Rights that you’ll find with the Employment Lawyers at the Stillwell Law Firm.



Call (949) 494-4744 today to speak with one of our knowledgeable Employment Lawyers at the Stillwell Law Firm.

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