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Whistleblower Laws & Protections
A variety of California and federal laws prohibit employers from taking retaliatory measures against employees who report reasonably suspected violations of state or federal laws to government or law enforcement or, in some cases, to their employer. These are known as Whistleblower Laws.

Whistleblower Laws protect workers from employer retaliation for
exercising their legal rights, which include the right to:

  < Report your employer for workplace violations, including
        (but not limited to) discrimination, harassment, wage and
        overtime violations, safety violations, rest break or meal
        break violations
  < Report reasonably suspected violations of laws or regulations
        to government or law enforcement.

If you are an employee who exercised your legal rights
and believe that your employer is now engaging in retaliatory
as a result, Whistleblower Laws provide protection
and it is crucial that you seek the advice of an experienced
Employment Lawyer.

If you have taken action to protect your rights or help protect the rights of others, and as a result your employer or an individual in a position of power over you is acting in such a way to make your job difficult to perform, or you are being denied promotions or raises that you would otherwise be entitled to receive, or you have been fired, contact Employment Lawyer Geniene Stillwell at (949) 494-4744. You need an experienced Employment Attorney fighting for you. We can explain the protections available to you under state and federal Whistleblower Laws.

At the Laguna Beach Law Office of Employment Attorney Geniene Stillwell, we have experience winning monetary awards for Whistleblower employees who became victims of workplace retaliation as a result.

We are located in Laguna Beach, California and represent clients throughout Southern California.


Employment Attorneys at the Stillwell Law Office represent clients in employment law matters in Laguna Beach and throughout Southern California, including Orange County, Los Angeles County, Riverside County and San Bernardino County. 
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