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Under both State and Federal law, sexual harassment in the workplace is considered to be a variety of employment discrimination and is treated seriously by the judicial system. Costa Mesa Sexual Harassment Lawyer Geniene Stillwell has been fighting on behalf of employees who have been forced to endure sexual harassment in the workplace since 1988.

If your life is being turned upside down and you cannot bear the thought of going to work each day because you are being sexually harassed, call (949) 494-4744 to reach Costa Mesa Sexual Harassment Lawyers at the Stillwell Law Office. Our compassionate and seasoned attorneys know how to get you the justice you deserve!

Sexual Harassment is very broadly defined and is not simply restricted to overt sexual acts carried out by males against their female coworkers. Women may be the perpetrators and the victims may be of the same gender. At times, sexual harassment may be subtle and the victim may not always understand that the abuse they are experiencing on the job constitutes sexual harassment. If you have reason to believe that you or a loved one is the victim of sexual harassment, contact Costa Mesa Sexual Harassment Attorneys at the Stillwell Law Office.

Sexual harassment includes (but isn’t limited to) any of the following actions:

· Sexual leering
· Making sexually suggestive comments
· Sending sexually suggestive emails
· Demanding sexual favors
· Threatening your job position and benefits for refusal to comply with sexual demands
· Openly displaying pornographic images or videos

If you have been a victim of sexual harassment in the workplace, please complete our Case Evaluation Form today. Costa Mesa Sexual Harassment Attorney Geniene Stillwell will contact you. We’ve been fighting for employees’ rights since 1988. Let us fight for you!

Sexual Harassment Attorney Geniene Stillwell has over 27 years’ experience protecting Employee Rights! Let us help you!

For immediate help call the Sexual Harassment Attorneys of the Stillwell Law Office at (949) 494-4744.

The Stillwell Law Firm is conveniently located near Costa Mesa, California and represents clients throughout Orange County, California.

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