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Welcome to the Stillwell Law Office. Irvine Employment Attorney Geniene Stillwell has been fighting to protect the victims of sexual harassment in the workplace since 1988. You don’t have to be victimized at work! Let Irvine Sexual Harassment Lawyer Geniene Stillwell help you take back control of your life!

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Under California’s Fair Employment & Housing Act, Sexual Harassment in the workplace is deemed a form of discrimination and is prohibited by statute. Sexual Harassment is very broadly defined under the law, and is not restricted to highly obvious and overt acts. It may be very subtle, thereby creating confusion and doubt in the victim as to whether they are being sexually harassed or not. Contact Irvine Sexual Harassment Attorney Geniene Stillwell if you believe that any co-worker, manager, executive, or third-party company vendor is acting in an inappropriate manner. 

Sexual harassment may include but is not limited to the following conduct:

· Making sexual advances towards a co-worker
· Making sexual communications, be it spoken, written or in electronic format
· Making sexual gestures
· Demanding sexual activity
· Touching a co-worker in an intimate or sexual manner

Although many believe that sexual harassment is only carried out against females by male co-workers, sexual harassment may be perpetrated against either gender, by either gender, and also includes unwelcome sexual advances or conduct by same sex co-workers.

If you have been a victim of sexual harassment in the workplace, contact the Irvine Law Offices of Sexual Harassment Lawyer Geniene Stillwell at (949) 494-4744. We will advise you as to your best course of action, help ensure that your rights are protected, and fight for monetary compensation.

Sexual Harassment Attorney Geniene Stillwell has over 20 years’ experience protecting Employee Rights! Let us help you!

The Stillwell Law Firm is conveniently located near Irvine, California and represents clients throughout Southern California.


For immediate assistance, please call Sexual Employment Lawyer Geniene Stillwell and the attorneys at the Stillwell Law Office today at (949) 494-4744 to schedule a consultation. Employment Attorneys at the Stillwell Law Office represent clients in employment law matters in Irvine and throughout Orange County, including: 

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