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February, 2016
Geniene Stillwell, founder of Stillwell Law Office, files two sexual harassment complaints. One was on behalf of two restaurant employees and a second one on behalf of a young woman working at Albertsons.
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Geniene Stillwell defeated employer LRN Corporation's efforts to compel her client, a former LRN employee, to arbitrate his claims for failure to reasonably accommodate his disabilities, disability discrimination and retaliation when the Ninth Circuit affirmed the lower Court's decision. 
See the Ninth Circuit oral argument here:

Attorney Geniene Stillwell Files Sexual Harassment Complaints.
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2014 was a banner year for the firm. In 2014, Ms. Stillwell obtained over $4 Million Dollars in awards and settlements on behalf of her clients.

In 2013, Ms. Stillwell settled a case against a large telecommunications company for disability discrimination, violation of the California Family Rights Act and failure to accommodate for $400,000.  Her client had been fired while on a leave of absence for medical issues related to his disability.

In 2013, Ms. Stillwell also settled a case against a corporation which had fired her client after complaints to several government agencies of what he suspected was an illegal practice by the corporation.  This case settled for just under $700,000. 


“Ms. Stillwell worked very diligently on my case for over one year. She successfully negotiated a resolution that exceeded my expectations. She guided me through the entire process and was patient and kind, listening carefully and responding to my concerns. She returned calls and emails promptly and was always available to answer my questions thoughtfully.

Geniene is very knowledgeable about how to use strategies that will produce the best results for her clients. She worked closely with me, laying out multiple options for courses of action but always leaving the final decision up to me. She is an excellent negotiator and she will reliably produce the best possible outcome for her clients.

The choice to use Geniene as my advocate was a very happy one; during the time we worked together we never had a misunderstanding or a contentious moment. I consider myself extremely fortunate to have found her. As a result of my experience with Ms. Stillwell I recommend her highly and without reservation.”

"Gina Stillwell provided me with an excellent balance of common sense and sage legal advice in a complex age discrimination case. She fought hard on my behalf and helped bring to closure a settlement that was fair and just. Gina also helped accelerate the entire process, which could have dragged on without her active involvement and maneuvering with opposing counsel. She is professional, very responsive, pays attention to the details and totally understands the nuances of employment law."

"Gina Stillwell, is the ultimate professional who came highly recommended as I was facing a wrongful firing, even as an ‘at will employee' from a large Corporation. She didn't back down, even up against multiple corporate attorneys, was never intimidated, and was able to decipher that the reason I lost my job was indeed in violation of the law ... she stood up tor ME the employee. Gina took on the case, with confidence, experience, and wisdom and was there with me every step of the way through mediation and settlement of my case. Gina Stillwell was able to help me recover some of the wages, that I would have been entitled to, if I had been left in a job that I was more than qualified for!"

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